Monday, August 19, 2013

For the love of Enamelware!!

I admit it...I have an addiction, in fact I have many when it comes to vintage but old floral enamelware is one of my top one!!   I recently purchased a drop dead gorgeous set of French canisters and I just have to show them off!!   Ta da!!  

This range is called rose garland and I have seen it in the blue and pink colourway before but never the red.  I have to say I adore red accents at the moment so red suits me just fine!!  Now I have to find just the right place for them in this little cottage of ours.   Who else loves enamelware...and what are you favourite pieces....would love to know!!   Though I am still and always will be a shabby girl at heart I am slowly allowing more strident colours into my being one.  

The exciting thing on my horizon at the moment is the conversion of the double freestanding garage on our block into my very own studio!!!  The garage needs LOTS of work to get it anywhere near a studio but its defintely going to happen!!  I will post a couple of inspiration photos later this week and see what you think......I could go in so many directions....oh its sooo exciting!!  Have a lovely day!!   Hugs  Sam

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