Sunday, August 15, 2010

Phew what a WONDERFUL Extravaganza

Well girls what an amazing, wonderful EXTRAVAGANZA!!  Set up day on Thursday was fun, with all the girls stressing, and arranging and rearranging of booths...and not just a little OOOHing and AHHing over everyones treasures!!  Doors opened at 8am Friday and it was really busy most of the morning with lots of laughing and oohhhing and aahing and chatting.  What I really loved was the opportunity to meet all the wonderful bloggers and ebay girls face to face.  It was AWESOME.  I was really pleased at how my booth looked and to think almost every piece came from my house...treasures that had been packed away...or shoved in a drawer because I had run out of display room.  I sold lots and did swaps with other booth holders for treasures that had not sold on Saturday afternoon.   We had an absolute BLAST!!  I would like to express my thanks to Tamarah of Shabby Vintage Junk Blog and to her lovely Mr SJV for all the hard work put in to arrange this FAB show!!  And also to my fellow booth was SOOOO nice to meet you all and to work side by side over the two days...I really enjoyed every moment.  If you missed out this time.....I hear that there will be another one coming up in the new year so you MUST keep your eye on our blogs and make sure you don't miss it.  If you love vintage like I will be GOBSMAKED when you come to the next Shabby Vintage Junk EXTRAVAGANZA!!!  First three pics are some photos of my booth and then three photos treasures I found and HAD to have.  I particularly LOVE the little terrier and the roses painting oh hang on I love the jug and the forties religious roses and of course the gorgeous old Victorian chair.  The chair came from a well know Melbourne furniture makers own office so its such a beautifully made chair with the most DIVINE patina...hmmm maybe my decor is changing....adding a little bit of dark here and here.     Cya in the blogesphere!!!!