Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spare Room Makeover Complete

I bet you girls have been wondering about my spare room make over.  Well I haven't posted about it because I wanted it to be a surprise for my Aunt and she reads my blog!!!   But its finished...shes on her way here so wont get a chance to read this before she arrives.  I LOVE the way the room turned out.  Just to fill you in I stayed under budget YAY.  The bed was a $50 ebay purchase.  I spent another $150 at Spotlight for the curtains and doona.  The other linen was all flea market finds....wonderful as new white doona set with valance and pillow cases just $25!!  The cusions on the reading chair were only $3.  The bedside table - market find $20.  The chest of drawers only $75 at an op shop and I spent a further $65 on the prints on the walls.  The lovely patchwork coverlet was a $11.00 ebay find and the LOVELY standard lamp was $120 from my favourite antique centre. And the chair was another ebay find and only $15!!  (I bought two chairs for $30 woo hoo)  The other little bits and pieces and enamel ware I already had...oh and the light fitting was a $15 market find.  Figure in another $40 for paint for the drawers and bits and bobs like curtain rail etc and the whole project came in under well under my $700 buget....YAY..... Here is the finished room.  Love to hear what you think.

Decided to go with Blue and White English cottage Style
The enamel ware was bought with my Aunt in France so I wanted it in the room
Draped an old lace table cloth over the $15 chair ...looks good dont you think?
The room looks so l ight and airy..hope she loves it!!
Little bedside cupboard is a great place for mags....decorating ones of course hehe
 I am really pleased with how it turned out, especially as I pulled all the pieces together over time and didn't actually put it all together till yesterday (yep I am a deadline junkie) so wasn't 100% sure it would work.  But to me it works perfectly and is a very pretty comfortable room for guests.  I will probably add a few more prints to the walls over time....when I come across ones that are right but aside from that I am very pleased.  Would love to hear your comments.  Cheers Sam