Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh what a lovely Morning- Spring Market finds!!

So Sunday was the 2nd day of spring here in Australia and the first weekend in weeks where rain wasn't forecast and I was hyped up and ready to treasure hunt.  Had to drag my poor hubby with me as I am just recovering from surgery and unable to drive myself.  

Well......I thought it was going to be a no show on treasures at the market I headed to when out of the blue one stall....just the one ..started to unload some beauties!!    SCORE!   Two divine dome tiny petite one and one mother of a HUGE on.  Needless to say I snapped them both up.

I bought quite a few other pieces including a gorgeous old wooden crate with fantastic graphics.  All in all I had a beautiful morning all topped off with a big slap up cooked breaky for my other half made by the kids and ready to dig into when we got home.

Oh had to show you this gorgeous bottle stand with lovely big water bottles in it.  Fantastic for your summer table!!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Whoa where did that year go?

 Its hard to believe its been a year since I blogged.  And what a year its been.  It was super busy with kids and work and home and then in January this year I had a wake up call.  A very nasty car accident that could have been fatal.  Since then I have been in recovery mode and hopefully I am having my last operation on Thursday of this week.  As soon as I am able after the op I plan on getting my life back into full swing!!  This includes my blog!!  I have had a lot of time to think about life and I have had time to potter and treasure hunt so have made a few changes to the house see pics below.  We are tarting up our house at the moment in hopes of putting it on the market in a couple of months and making a big move up to sunny Queensland.  My family are all up there and after the accident I realised how much I want and need to be closer to them.  Also the warmer weather is kinder on the parts of my body affected by the accident. So are some pictures of little vignettes round my house that I love.  I will be posting more market finds, some before and afters and lots of pics of things I love ...and if you are very lucky I will get some pictures of some of my friends beautiful homes as well.   Oh and excitingly in a few weeks I am going to have a fantastic give away too!! 

Spring is almost here!!   Love love love the red gingham shades I bought from France

I am so in love with the dresser..its an early Australian piece but it looks very Scandinavian to me

I love the vintage venitian mirror with rhinestone purses makes me smile every time

I have a thing about antique books and frames....can you tell?

Another of my additions...antique French caskets..the ones like these with button back tops ...arrggghhhh

More frames of course!!  Oh and a few clocks...oh yes I do love me some rhinestone clocks!!
 Ok are just a few of my much more to come!!