Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh what a lovely Morning- Spring Market finds!!

So Sunday was the 2nd day of spring here in Australia and the first weekend in weeks where rain wasn't forecast and I was hyped up and ready to treasure hunt.  Had to drag my poor hubby with me as I am just recovering from surgery and unable to drive myself.  

Well......I thought it was going to be a no show on treasures at the market I headed to when out of the blue one stall....just the one ..started to unload some beauties!!    SCORE!   Two divine dome tiny petite one and one mother of a HUGE on.  Needless to say I snapped them both up.

I bought quite a few other pieces including a gorgeous old wooden crate with fantastic graphics.  All in all I had a beautiful morning all topped off with a big slap up cooked breaky for my other half made by the kids and ready to dig into when we got home.

Oh had to show you this gorgeous bottle stand with lovely big water bottles in it.  Fantastic for your summer table!!



  1. Hi Sam, Just dropping in to say hi. Hope you are healing up well after your surgery. LOVING your treasures!!! SCORE on the domes big time and that bottle stand is stunning!!! Is it a keeper??? If not I got my name on it ;) Siobhan xo

  2. Its a keeper Siobhan...its so useful and pretty!! The domes are gorgeous..I will be listing the big one but have always wanted a baby one so she stays. Next time you do the market let me know and we can have a coffee!!


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