Monday, June 27, 2011

Its nice to come home!

Ahh all clean and tidy....not for long will be home soon!!

On this sunny but chilly Melbourne day I walked into my house and had to smile at this view of my dinning area.  Is there a view in your home that makes you smile everytime you see it.  It might be a corner that works really well, or a cupboard full of your favourite china...or even the pleasure from making your bed with all the cushions and your favourite linen......tell me I would love to know!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I was reading a blog awhile ago, in fact  I think it was the lovely Alcia from Time Worn Style and she posed the question....What is your holy grail, you know, the piece you have been searching for and haven't found yet!!  Well for me it was a pair of antique enamel opera glasses.  I have bid on so many pairs on ebay and they always go sailing past my budget.  In fact some of the really pretty ones go for well over a thousand...way out of my league.  Then this morning my other half and I trekked out to Sandown Race course to go to a collectors fair.  I had a strict budget...I was not going to spend more than $200 for the I had saved from the SVJX!!  Well after spending a little on lovely old books and a couple of lovely vintage Steiff toys...I saw them.  My breath caught in my throat and I made a bee line for the stall and the case they were displayed in.  I held my breath...omg they were GORGEOUS....there is no way on earth I can afford them I thought....maybe the lovely dealer would just let me hold them for awhile.  I asked...he got them out..the case was divine..the opera glasses were amazing.  I asked the price...OMG....Just a little more than the money I had left....could I find an ATM...could I rob a passerby.....I stood there clutching them....mentally working out what money  I had left....I was well short and that was after haggling for the best price too.  NOoooooooo I can't lose them...I couldn't bear it.  Then my lovely other half after looking at my face...and knowing how much I have been searching....pulled the extra $$$ from his wallet..  I have never been so in love with that man as I was at that moment!!  They are mine..and I love them....the glasses that is hehehe oh and him too heheh.   Below are some pics of my darling opera glasses and the other wonderful bits and pieces I had already bought.  I have promised said Other half that I will ebay the other pieces so I can keep the glasses.   And I will...well maybe not the little bunny ..heheheh

My babies...I adore the colour and the enamel is in good order

My holy grail....Im in heaven

I have seen many French pairs but these are marked Thomas Way Adelaide...YAY

If anyone is interested  everything but the opera glasses is heading to ebay!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Sale on Ebay

For those you who couldn't make the SVJX and because having decided to part with some gorgeous shabby vintage treasures I have decided to have an online sale on ebay.  Starting this evening at 8pm I have a HEAP of really lovely items up for sale...starting at the bargain price of only $5.00.  There are gorgeouspices of roses antique china, beautiful old tins..and so much more so pop over to my ebay auctions and have a peek...I am sure you will find something you will love.   Click on the link at the top right hand side of this page and will be transported to treasure hunters heaven!!   Above is just a couple of tempting photos of items listed!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back to treasure hunting and my new old dresser!!

Morning girls!!  Well after recovering from the SVJX it has renewed my passion for treasure hunting!!  I have been out and about scouring Melbourne for treasures and have found some lovely ones!!  I was soo excited to find a gorgeous old Melbourne hat box which is heading for ebay....its sooo lovely!!  As I have mentioned my style and taste have been evolving too so I am parting with lots of my more shabby style pieces in favour of more hmmm...what to call it...hmmmm perhaps more rustic, french industrial.  I think the influences of my trip to England and France have finally filtered through and my style is evolving into a less pretty more traditional English/French cottage style.  There are some shabby pieces I don't think I will ever part with which have been moved to my spare room and my daughters bedroom.  My lovely 16 almost 17 year old daughter has been in the USA on exchange for the last six months and is due home on Monday so over the weekend I am going to revamp her room (clear out all the junk that hopefully shes forgotten she has) and make is  a feminine to come.  

Check the hat box in more detail on my ebay site...its sooo lovely!!

I just adore this piece..its practical and pretty!!

See less shaby pretty and more ummm interesting???
OH and my prize purchase from the SVJX is my awesome old dresser for my below..I just love it and I guess its indicative how how my taste is evolving..though the dresser is quite shabby I have filled it with pieces that are more to my liking these days.   Stay tuned for the transformation of my daughters room from junk heaps floordrobe to pretty boudoir!!   Hat box and dresser pictured above!!   I would love to hear from you girls as to what you think my style is?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Phew Exhausted but WOW what an Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza!!

Wow what a fun packed, treasure filled, exhausting couple of days.  for those of you who didn't know the second Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza was held on Friday and Saturdy just passed.  And wow was it amazing.  So many wonderful people to meet and soooo many GORGEOUS treasures. I must say everyone, vendors and shoppers alike were so lovely...I had almost lost my voice by the end!!  I sold heaps and bought a few treasures for myself.  Check out below for a few of the treasures I bought.  What is not pictured is the FANTASTIC glass front dresser I bought from Jen of Vintage Living...I adore it and because I always buy little bits and pieces I was determined to get myself a really nice piece of furniture this show and wow..its great.  Will post a pic of it soon..its sooo dark in Melbourne today I cannot get a good one!!  I love the roses painting I bought from Ms SVJX herself..Tamarah ..oh and I also nabbed the French tin from her.  The stalls were absolutely amazing....Every single one looked fantastic and was filled to brim with vintage treasures.  I must thank the lovely Natalie from Newcastle...a reader of my blog for the lovely bottle she gave me as a lovely of you Natalie!!  Also thanks for Michelle from WA for making the trip and giving my favourite old doorstop and eiderdown a new home.  To Kelly and Leanne...get your blog going girls!!   And to all the wonderful, wonderful ladies who took the time to chat to me..thank you   I loved it!!  Having made such a heart wrench to part with some gorgeous items for the show I have decided to stack my ebay shop with many more shabby vintage items over the next few weeks...some from the show and others I didn't even get time to put on my stall because of the rush....check it out if you have time....some beautiful items will be for sale. (just give me a day or two to get listing).   OH and I had to post a pic of the amazing lightfitting/chandelier I just bought for my kitchen.  I nearly fell over...its quite french in style....and it was a tiny...tiny $49.50..OMG!!   All the glass shades are original and intact...mmm...oh well I love it.....what do you think?
Sold some roses prints and bought an original painting..mmm

There is just no way I can resist a French tin!!

Ta Da!!

$49.50 I kid you not......wait till you see it up!!