Monday, June 6, 2011

Phew Exhausted but WOW what an Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza!!

Wow what a fun packed, treasure filled, exhausting couple of days.  for those of you who didn't know the second Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza was held on Friday and Saturdy just passed.  And wow was it amazing.  So many wonderful people to meet and soooo many GORGEOUS treasures. I must say everyone, vendors and shoppers alike were so lovely...I had almost lost my voice by the end!!  I sold heaps and bought a few treasures for myself.  Check out below for a few of the treasures I bought.  What is not pictured is the FANTASTIC glass front dresser I bought from Jen of Vintage Living...I adore it and because I always buy little bits and pieces I was determined to get myself a really nice piece of furniture this show and wow..its great.  Will post a pic of it soon..its sooo dark in Melbourne today I cannot get a good one!!  I love the roses painting I bought from Ms SVJX herself..Tamarah ..oh and I also nabbed the French tin from her.  The stalls were absolutely amazing....Every single one looked fantastic and was filled to brim with vintage treasures.  I must thank the lovely Natalie from Newcastle...a reader of my blog for the lovely bottle she gave me as a lovely of you Natalie!!  Also thanks for Michelle from WA for making the trip and giving my favourite old doorstop and eiderdown a new home.  To Kelly and Leanne...get your blog going girls!!   And to all the wonderful, wonderful ladies who took the time to chat to me..thank you   I loved it!!  Having made such a heart wrench to part with some gorgeous items for the show I have decided to stack my ebay shop with many more shabby vintage items over the next few weeks...some from the show and others I didn't even get time to put on my stall because of the rush....check it out if you have time....some beautiful items will be for sale. (just give me a day or two to get listing).   OH and I had to post a pic of the amazing lightfitting/chandelier I just bought for my kitchen.  I nearly fell over...its quite french in style....and it was a tiny...tiny $49.50..OMG!!   All the glass shades are original and intact...mmm...oh well I love it.....what do you think?
Sold some roses prints and bought an original painting..mmm

There is just no way I can resist a French tin!!

Ta Da!!

$49.50 I kid you not......wait till you see it up!!


  1. OMG what a great light fitting, looking forward to pics of your dresser too... and other buys.
    Let us know when you have more on eBay...(with a link pls so we can find you)♥
    I really enjoyed the Show and look forward to the next one..

  2. Hiya Lyndel, Dresser pics coming as soon as I get some good light!! I was a very disaplined girl and did'nt buy many little bits....saved my $$ for the dresser!! I will put a link to my auctions as soon as they are up..there are some really great things coming at bargain start prices...I just want to clear the clutter!! The show was great and it was great to meet you!!

  3. How gorgeous is that light?!!! Going to look amazing up, Cant wait to see your new furniture piece too. Didnt we get great finds from the show oh yeah?!!!
    alicia :0))

  4. Hi sam thanks for the mention! You have inspired us, and we are pleased to say that we are now a fellow blogger. We are still learning, but very excited to start sharing our pics and stories. Please come and visit us (and invite your friends) to our blog Darling Clementine.

  5. I adore the rose painting and the light is lovely!

  6. Thanks Michelle, lovely to hear from you.

    And good luck on the Darling Clementine blog girls I am off to visit it right now. Cheers Sam

  7. Hey Sam....!

    So VERY HAPPY you enjoyed yourself Lovey & scored some Treasures to boot....!!

    I'm GLAD I got to see your new dresser in action when I popped over on Friday....Now you best BUSY fillin' it up....hahahahaha....!

    Have an AWESOME week....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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