Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chaos coming together - A sneak peek at my SJVX Stall

It looks like a jumble in the pic  but wait till you see it first hand!!

Mmm lovely birdcag and stunning barbola mirror...oh and the jelly cupboard too!!

Roses anyone?

You can just see the gorgeous handpainted cupboard underneath all the pretties
I know, I know it looks like a bit of a jumble..but believe me its coming together and will look AWESOME at the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza (click side button for all the details). My front room is probably not the best place to have a trial run but thats the only place I know I wont have kids running through.  I have a great screen to hang all the pics on it will look like a little shabby 'room' at the fair.  I have decided to part with some of my very favourite treasures for the fair.  There are some gorgeous pieces of furniture..some amazing roses prints and paintings.  FANTABULOUS fabrics and some of most pretty china.  I have decided to concentrate on the Shabby Theme because my home decor is changing and I really don't have room to hang on to all my roses and florals even though I love them.  Don't forget you can book ahead to be an early bird and have first pick at not only my treasures but all the other stalls too.  I really hope to see lots of girls from the blogesphere and my ebay site too.  Come visit me.....I know I will tempt you with something!!!


  1. Gorgeous Sam, wish I could be there. Wishing you all the best on the day with fabulous sales, Tamara x

  2. Oh Thanks Tamara...nerves are setting in a little.......will I remember everything...will my stuff sell..arrggh. But you know what? I just love the atmosphere and chatting to all the lovely girls too...its going to be fun! Wish you were coming too!!!

  3. Hi Sam...
    first off very much looking forward to catching up with you on thursday & i think we kind of "butt" each other??~~~

    Your stall looks like it will be GORGEOUS as per usual..

    I am stressed getting stuff still I sprained my ankle last saturday, which made me grumpy~~

    I think i will be finished packing stuff by tuesday..~~

    GOOD least hubby will be home & we have hired a van again for the 3 days...

    see you soon...xxxx andrea..

  4. Can't wait to see you either Andrea...oh yeah we butt each other?.excellent I shall enjoy butting you!! Ouch re your ankle...hope its all better by Friday...cause we spend most of the day on our feet as you know. Looking forward to seeing your treasures too..I wonder if I will actually make any $$ or just come home with new treasures heheh

  5. wow you are parting with our favourite jelly cupboard you have had for years! well done, your stall is going to look absolutely fabulous!! yes I know what you mean, I really dont want to bring too much more stuff home when I'm clearing out but its all so mightly tempting lol!!

  6. It's all so gorgeous!! I'll take one of everything, please! If only the sale was here in Texas instead of across the ocean! I really love the rose fabrics and paintings!!

  7. This all looks so lovely Samantha, Have a wonderful time xx


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