Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm BACK Lots of Market Finds

Happy Mothers Day to all you Aussie Mums out there!!   After a very hectic time I am back blogging and will try to post at least weekly from now on.  Being Mothers day here my lovely son decided he would come to the market with me this morning and buy me a lovely breaky.  I had a lovely time and bought some great treasures.  Not sure what I am keeping for me and what will go to ebay yet hehe.  Firstly I spied a gorgeous bird cage...pretty sure it has no age but it was pretty dirty and had some tatty old faux birds in it it home and it scrubbed up well.   The cutlery is beautiful old mother of pearl handled with gorgeous engraving...they might end up in my collection hehe.  I am not normally drawn to oriental pieces but this wonderful old incence burner just caught my eye because it just screamed quality and blimey its heavy.  And of course I always keep my eyes peeled for gorgeous old books and these four leather spine old French copies of Les Miserables fit my bill exactly and for only $15 the set I snatched them up.  Amazingly, inside the cover of the fourth volume it has a signature...SAMMY Paris...gotta love that.   The teacup and saucer date from the 1930's and its a fortune tea leaf reading cup with all the symbols ..a little spooky and a bit quirky and made by Aynsley.  Apparently they issued a little booklet on how to read tea leaves with it so I will have to hunt the interent to see if I can get one.  The last photos is of Bernice...she is a dressform....made of very thick card studded together...I get the feeling she was one you would collect each piece with a magazine and fit her together to make your own dress form.  Never seen one like her before!!  If anyone does know about her I would love to know.


  1. fabulous finds! I especially love that Aynsley cup and saucer, very quirky indeed. Yes that dress form I have seen, it goes on a light metal stand, think Gail has or had one.
    alicia :0)

  2. Fab finds Sam...
    looking forward to seeing you at the SVJ fair..

    building a "kitchen" i hear on the grapevine""????

    xxx andrea

  3. AnonymousMay 08, 2011

    ooh those mother of pearl cutlery is just what I'm looking for they are gorgeous and I love the mannequin. no car boots for us this morning we have much needed heavy rain
    xx fee

  4. Great finds and I'll be looking forward to your weekly blog posts!
    Alicia is right, I did have a twin to Bernice, she's been since sold, I'd be interested to know if your theory on how she was made is right....I just assumed my Bernice was an affordable dress form for her time who was bought complete, something rings a bell of us using Bernice's at school when doing sewing classes? I'd love to hear more if you find anything out

  5. wow..your blogworld is divine..

  6. Sam Love I am BESIDE MYSELF with envy at your dress form....It is the EXACT same one Sue Whitney has in the Junk Market book (aka Junkers bible....!!!) & I have lusted after one for years....Maybe we can do a trade....**wink**....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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