Saturday, June 25, 2011


I was reading a blog awhile ago, in fact  I think it was the lovely Alcia from Time Worn Style and she posed the question....What is your holy grail, you know, the piece you have been searching for and haven't found yet!!  Well for me it was a pair of antique enamel opera glasses.  I have bid on so many pairs on ebay and they always go sailing past my budget.  In fact some of the really pretty ones go for well over a thousand...way out of my league.  Then this morning my other half and I trekked out to Sandown Race course to go to a collectors fair.  I had a strict budget...I was not going to spend more than $200 for the I had saved from the SVJX!!  Well after spending a little on lovely old books and a couple of lovely vintage Steiff toys...I saw them.  My breath caught in my throat and I made a bee line for the stall and the case they were displayed in.  I held my breath...omg they were GORGEOUS....there is no way on earth I can afford them I thought....maybe the lovely dealer would just let me hold them for awhile.  I asked...he got them out..the case was divine..the opera glasses were amazing.  I asked the price...OMG....Just a little more than the money I had left....could I find an ATM...could I rob a passerby.....I stood there clutching them....mentally working out what money  I had left....I was well short and that was after haggling for the best price too.  NOoooooooo I can't lose them...I couldn't bear it.  Then my lovely other half after looking at my face...and knowing how much I have been searching....pulled the extra $$$ from his wallet..  I have never been so in love with that man as I was at that moment!!  They are mine..and I love them....the glasses that is hehehe oh and him too heheh.   Below are some pics of my darling opera glasses and the other wonderful bits and pieces I had already bought.  I have promised said Other half that I will ebay the other pieces so I can keep the glasses.   And I will...well maybe not the little bunny ..heheheh

My babies...I adore the colour and the enamel is in good order

My holy grail....Im in heaven

I have seen many French pairs but these are marked Thomas Way Adelaide...YAY

If anyone is interested  everything but the opera glasses is heading to ebay!!


  1. oh you lucky girl! they are wonderful, oh so YOU!!!
    WELL done, dont worry the price will be forgotten after too long, but they will be even more beautiful. Pleanty to find to re-sell to make up the $'s.♥

  2. quite the prettiest opera glasses I have ever seen...

  3. eeeeek they are divine!!! I can see you now jumping and clutching them to your chest ha!! Great find Sam :0)

  4. Yayyyyyyyyyyy CONGRATULATIONS Sam....Loving ALL your Treasures....!

    My Holy Grail is a Featherston chair & guess what I saw some grubby guy loading into the back of his ute in the HR yesterday....YEP....A FREAKINFEATHERSON chair....Value approx $4000-....STill HURTS to think about it....**sigh**....!!

    Have a GREAT week Lovey....!

    Tamarah :o)

  5. Hi Sam, they would have to be one of the prettiest opera glasses I have seen, and were obviously waiting patiently for you to find them. Have a great week, Tamara

  6. Samantha ,these are exquisite , I love the case too! xx Ava

  7. THanks Everyone...I just adore them...I keep going into the front room where they are and just gazing at them LOL Tamarah..OMG I am soooo sorry you missed your chair!! You know the ones that get away you never forget..hmm that might be a good next post.....whats the one thing that you missed out on that still haunts you LOL Hugs Sam


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