Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back to treasure hunting and my new old dresser!!

Morning girls!!  Well after recovering from the SVJX it has renewed my passion for treasure hunting!!  I have been out and about scouring Melbourne for treasures and have found some lovely ones!!  I was soo excited to find a gorgeous old Melbourne hat box which is heading for ebay....its sooo lovely!!  As I have mentioned my style and taste have been evolving too so I am parting with lots of my more shabby style pieces in favour of more hmmm...what to call it...hmmmm perhaps more rustic, french industrial.  I think the influences of my trip to England and France have finally filtered through and my style is evolving into a less pretty more traditional English/French cottage style.  There are some shabby pieces I don't think I will ever part with which have been moved to my spare room and my daughters bedroom.  My lovely 16 almost 17 year old daughter has been in the USA on exchange for the last six months and is due home on Monday so over the weekend I am going to revamp her room (clear out all the junk that hopefully shes forgotten she has) and make is  a feminine boudoir...pics to come.  

Check the hat box in more detail on my ebay site...its sooo lovely!!

I just adore this piece..its practical and pretty!!

See less shaby pretty and more ummm interesting???
OH and my prize purchase from the SVJX is my awesome old dresser for my study..pics below..I just love it and I guess its indicative how how my taste is evolving..though the dresser is quite shabby I have filled it with pieces that are more to my liking these days.   Stay tuned for the transformation of my daughters room from junk heaps floordrobe to pretty boudoir!!   Hat box and dresser pictured above!!   I would love to hear from you girls as to what you think my style is?

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