Saturday, April 3, 2010

All the Small Things!!!

Have you ever considered if you are a BIG girl or a SMALL girl and I don't mean body size!! ....well I myself am definitely a smalls person. If you look around my home there are so many little bits and pieces that I just LOVE and cannot part with. Whilst I can walk past a piece of furniture and think oooh thats nice at markets and antique malls my eyes are always drawn to tables of little bits and pieces. Don't get my wrong I have lots of lovely big pieces of furniture but when I buy them its always with two things in mind. it practical for purpose and can I display some of my collections on or in it? Perhaps I have inherited my love of little things from my lovely Nanna who was a huge fan of anything miniature or "wee diddy" as she would call it and she would always fill one of her kitchen drawers full of little treasures, old paste jewellery, pretty buttons and ribbons etc for me to sort through. Perhaps its just part of the hoarding gene I struggle with on a daily basis. Anyways...girls here are some photos of some of my favourite little displays in my home. Some of the lovely antique picture frames I bought in France. The Rhinestone clocks I just LOVE that I have bought from some wonderful US ebayers. Other pieces I have picked up at markets and even from Charity stores. Give me a box of bits to sort through and I am in seventh heaven. Which reminds me....a friends Gran rang the other day...she wants me to come sort out all her vintage paste jewellery for ebay....YAY!!!! Give yourselves a hug for me girls....bye for now. Sam


  1. Hi Sam, you have the best "smalls" I have ever seen. Love your new blog!!

  2. Hi Sam,
    The things we got in France look so beautiful in your home - just my cup of tea! Lots of love your shabby chic aunt, Carol in England x


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