Saturday, August 20, 2011

Magic Market Morning.....Great Finds!!

Hello my lovelies!!   Its been awhile since I last blogged.  Life has been way too hectic with end of finanical year stuff URGH!!   But now thats all over I can get back to MY life...treasure hunting and blogging and enjoying myself.    This morning after a few weeks of icky wet Melbourne Sundays today was predicted to be beautiful and it didn't let me down.  When dawn broke and the sun began to shine I was already ladden with treasures and still wandering round one of my favourite Sunday markets.  I got a bumper haul!!  I just love all my treasures but I got a couple of WAAAYYY cool and WAAYYY valuable buys.  Firstly the amazing funky 1960's Annodised desk fan...these are quite rare and this one is in complete working order....OMG!!   The other rare and beautiful piece was a Antonio Borsarto Italian Porcelain wall plaque.  Its signed and has its original stickers.  These Borsarto pieces are very, very collectible and comand HUGE prices.  Though I paid a bit for this one I just think its stunning.  The Madonna and Child....his work is so beautiful and there is something emotional about his pieces.  This one is heading to ebay soon if I can bare to part with it!!  Another gorgeous treasure is my amazing Italian Cherub vintage swing mirror.  I just love the little cherub and the soft pastel colours...the mirror has some foxing another feature I adore.   Hmm can I part with this ....maybe!!   The hat pins are gorgeous...the cards...divine.  The little cute and the other stunner is the drop dead GORGEOUS old floral and gilt frame...its just to die for.  Very high Victorian...not sure of its age but its definitely quite old.  Mmmmm.   Oooh and the little cruet set.....with its sweet sillohettes.  

I just kept finding treasure after treasure...the gods were certainly on my side this morning.  I found some packets  very handy and handsome upholstery pins and for $2 they were a steal!!   I musn't forget the gorgeous old Smiths Dark Room timer...very industrial and cool. The last little bits were the decanter tags...very sweet.  

You may notice all the treasures are sitting on a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS vintage leather..(yes real leather) case.  That was an op shop find earlier in the week.  Its just stunning..the patina is amazing and the interior is clean and lined in gorgeous fabric.  Its probably only about 30 years old but its in immaculate condition and I just love it.  Keep?  Ebay?   Keep?  Ebay?  ARRGGH I just don't know.    

Well thats my was to hear from any other treasure hunters and their best finds this weekend......ciao for now....Sam

What a haul!!

Amazing Rare Retro Annodised Fan!!

More more more treasures!

And the girly bits!!

The Antonio Borsato - Madonna with Child ..sigh


  1. Belli questi oggetti vintage dolci!Rosetta

  2. Gratzi tunto Rosetta. So glad you liked them. Cheers Sam

  3. Fantastic finds there Sam!!! Not sure which treasure i love the best!

  4. Wow, such beautiful finds.. and your house is gorgeous, I'd like to decorate mine in a similar way one day :)

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