Sunday, September 5, 2010

Life, Family and the art of treasure hunting!!!

Howdy girls!!  My appologies for not posting or replying to posts for a little while.  Have had a little trip to Sydney to see my darling grandmother who is, at the grand age of 88,  fading fast. She has had a wonderful innings, achieved so much and loved so many that I know she has no regrets and though I am so sad to see such a strong indomidable woman taking her last bows I am soo proud of her and the dignity she shows in face of ...well..the indignities of old age!!! Doreen Grace you are a trooper and I am much the better for having been your grand-daughter.  Right..that said I will do exactly as my Grandmother and that is to ....keep calm and carry on!!!  

Once back in Melbourne and a little melancholy my lovely other half decided we needed a treasure hunting day (don't you just love a man who realises the value of theraputic shopping!!).  We had a great day and I came home with some great bits.    Heres a few of the lovelies.  
A lovely vintage Laura Ashley tea set for two
The SCRUMMIEST old Westclox clock I LOVE this!!
A really gorgeous Pink roses picture, photo does not do it justice!!
THE most DIVINE Old Flue Cover!!!

 This is my table laden with goodies...not sure what I want to keep for myself arrgh

It was a great day and really theraputic!!  The Laura Ashley tea set dates back to when her pieces were made in ENGLAND and not China and you can sooo feel and see the defference in quality..its sooo nice!!  I didn't get to the market this week...shock horror!!!...because it was sooo wet here this weekend..I snuggled into bed and had a sleep SLACK!!   But I got up to some projects ..more to follow soon!!


  1. Hi Sam...goodies look wonderful..

    YEP..ya gotta love another half who appreciates US women looking for STUFF!!~~

    SOO sorry to hear about your grandmother..
    She is the one year younger than my dad....

    so this post also brings sorrow to my heart...(dad is good though...touch wood)...

    Yep it is a great innings...BUT still NOT easy...I hate talking about it..

    xxxx andrea

    hope she

  2. Hey Sam....!

    I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother Lovey....You've been so very lucky to have her in your life for such a long time....Though I know that doesn't make the 'letting go' any easier nor the 'Goodbye' less difficult....

    Now I'm PLEASED Mr S_S was able to take you shoping....I LOVE the clock & of course....You know you'll need to save those PAINT BRUSHES for me....'Cause you can NEVER have too many of those....hahahahahaha....!!

    Cheers from the CBD,
    Tamarah :o)

  3. Hi Sam,

    what gorgeous finds, the flue cover is beautiful!

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother, but lovely that you could spend some cherished the time with her, its a sad time.

    take care, Tamara

  4. Hi Sam

    Beautiful words about your Grandma, it is heart breaking to watch our loved ones fade, I'm going through similar at the moment.
    How wonderful you got to spend time with your Grandma.

    Good to know you were taken out for a bit of Theraputic Shopping! How sweet, they do have their uses at times!!

    Take care, Gail xx

  5. OHHH loads of FAB finds there Girly!!! I think my FAV is the clock!!
    Have a FAB weekend

  6. As always great finds, love the flue cover the best me thinks. so which did you end up keeping??

  7. Hey everyone....Alicia though I was sorely tempted to keep the clock....I was GOOOD girl and listed everything but the light fitting!! I would have kept the clock too if I hadn't received a HUGE electricity bill!! Grrr oh well there will always be the next treasure!!!


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