Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Treasures Found and Exciting News

Well hello bloggers, I have been so slack and not posted for awhile but I have been taking photos and have lots to show and tell.  I will start off with some treasures I have found recently trawling the charity shops and markets.  Don't you just LOVE it when you spy a treasure in amongst the trash?  I know I do...its my adrenaline rush and I have to admit to being quite addicted to it.  It would be fantastic to own a HUGE house in which I could keep all my treasures but you know how it is..you just cannot keep everything so of course things end up on ebay just to help keep clutter at bay and allow me to keep treasure hunting hehe.  Right  here we go.  Market on Sunday turned up some lovely pieces.  A gorgeous floaty flowery dress, a beautiful old loving cup trophy from 1935, the prettiest pink and green roses skirt and THE most divine set of old scales (I think theses HAVE to stay even though I am not sure where to put them heheh).  A few days later I did an op shop and antique store run and voila more treasures.  I ADORE the pretty old tea towels don't you??  The lamp base reminds me of the nordic style and I think I am going to decorate my spare room in thats style so I may not part with it (more on Project spare room to come).  I had a bit of a glass day with the MOST lovely candle sticks...crystal salt and pepper shakers and lovely cake stand. 

 I will post again very shortly.  I have had some exciting news.  My lovely Aunty from England (who is my soul sister and took me to France last year) is coming for a visit...SO I am in panic stations because my spare room is empty and I need to make it into a gorgeous, gorgeous room for her...she will be here at the end of November  YIKES  so I have heaps to do ...I will be posting every step of the decorating and asking for feedback along the way so check in regularly to see how I go....arrrggh the pressure....her house in England is lovely and I hope I measure up ..not that she would mind at all but you know how it is girls hehehe


  1. That lamp base is fabulous! Have fun with your decorating :)
    Irene x

  2. Oh Sam you KNOW I loved your scale when you showed it to me at the Market....I have NEVER seen one as LOVELY....!

    I can't wait to see how you transform your spare room....You better get busy though 'cause Novemeber'll be here to bite you in the ass in NO TIME....hahahahaha.....!

    Cheers from 'the pesky day job',
    Tamarah :o)

  3. Hi Sam, gorgeous finds, like Tamarah said the scales are gorgeous!~

    There is nothing better than a deadline to get you movin, I bet your spare room will be beautiful! Can't wait to see the makeover, I bet it is already gorgeous beforehand.

    Tamara x

  4. oooh great news re. your aunt, i will get to meet her (I hope!) after hearing such great things about her!!! Cant wait to see your spare room redo. How gorgeous are those scales?!

  5. love the scales and the glassware, don't forget to post the spare room makeover we all love those!chris


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