Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spare Room Transformation Starting Point

Right embarassment aside here is the before photos of the spare room.  Its not a big room but will make a lovely spare room for guests.  Where to start..well usually my decoratings is treasure driven. By that I mean I usually start with an inspriation piece which helps me chose the colours and style.  For the spare room I have chosen three pieces.  I picked up two beautiful old prints from one of my favourite antique shops and scored a lovely crystal and brass ornate lamp from the market. So they will be my base for colour and style.  I am going to pick out the soft pinks and blues that are in both pictures and go for (hmm how to describe it....hmmm) a sort of English country house look..little more formal than a cottage but not as grand as a stately home (like I could afford a stately home look lol).  I have a very limited budget so every penny will count.  During the transformation I will update you on the budget, how much I spend on each piece and what my favourite money saving decorating tricks are. 

Yes the walls are white but the junk is everywhere!!
Old chairs, old beds..first thing is to clear the junk!!!   
The Inspiration Pieces!!!

Ok, The big picture cost me $45 and the smaller lovely one I bought unframed and popped it in a frame from my stash.  It cost me $25 all up.  I will be using the large lamp from my previous post...cost $20.  And the Lloyd Loom wicker cupboard also in previous post...cost $20. Luckily the walls have been painted Antique White USA with left over paint from my living room.  So spend so far....$90 and I haven't bought any major pieces.  I need a bed, light fitting, curtains, bed linen and a chest of drawers...and I really have a tiny budget of around $700. So lets see how I go!!  Any tips or ideas??  Love to hear from you!!


  1. Wow, Sam, so exciting. What a great idea for you posts, with the costs of each pieces, a true inspiration for others on a tight budget.. I don't really have any tips, but you always find gorgeous pieces so I am sure that you will find all the bits you need for the $ that you have. Can't wait to see more, Tamara

  2. Hey Sam....!

    I'm sure this room will look FABULOUS when you're done....I LOVE the prints you chosen & the Lloyd Loom piece.

    If your budget is tight, try pulling other pieces in from around the house rather than purchase them specifically & 're-work or re-purpose' where able....And I'm SURE you have a plethora of BEUTUFUL vintage sheets & linen you could utilise.... :o) !!

    I hope yoou're weekend's FILLED with Treasure....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  3. Hi Sam...hey what a totally exciting project....

    BUT having seen your goodies...YOUR EYE for stuff...YOU will bring this home on budget (maybe below budget)...looking FABO..

    (above is slang english...NOT PROPER...meant to be like that..woops)..

    speak soon...are you going to Alicia's??...

    xx andrea

  4. Hi Sam
    Love your blog:)
    $700 - easy!!
    We did our spare room for probably less.
    Bought our gorgeous french bed from a garage sale, the axminster carpet from the tip, one cupboard off the side of the road & other stuff out of our local trading paper.
    Can't wait to see it all finished


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