Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Legacy of Laughter and An addiction to Collecting - Thanks Nan

Well its been quite a week.  Flew to Sydney with my eldest son for my Nans funeral and it was a lovely service. The wonderful thing about my Nan was that she had a way of being able to connect with people on any level and make friends everywhere she went.  That was more than evident at her funeral which was a celebration of her life, her family and her friends.  She had a sharp wit and a fantastic sense of humour and was the life of any party. The day brought together (probably for the first time in many many years) all of her children, grand children and even her eldest great grand children and back at my fathers house we laughed. shed a few tears and told stories and toasted her well into the wee small hours of the morning.  Thank you Doreen Grace even though you have passed your legacy is as bright and vibrant as you always were.  Love you Nan! 

When I think about my Nan when I was a child I am sure it was  her that started my love of boxes and containers as every time I visited her she always had a box of goodies for me....sometimes lollies and little toys but most of the time things of hers like old costume jewellery or make up samples anything pretty and girly (I was the first grandchild and after three boys I think she had a ball finding girly bits for me).  I still have that love of boxes and containers.  Thought I would take a few shots of the pretty old  boxes I have collected over the here they are, hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoy the boxes hehe.  

A great way to store your fabrics!!
Craft stuff fills these pretties!!
More craft goodies over flowing from this one
Mmmm I love these..they hold my old crystals and buttons
Two French boxes and a lovely italian florentine the colours
My tiniest box, an enameled and gilt pill box mmm love the roses
More French boxes...I am soooo addicted hehe


  1. Hey GORGEOUS....!

    I'm GLAD you're back safe & sound from Sydney....!

    Such a LOVELY tribute to your Gran Sam....I'm sure somewhere there's a knowing smile for you the first of her 'girls'....!!

    You KNOW I love your boxes....hmmmmmm.....Maybe you should put my name underneath a couple....hahahahahaha....!

    It was a HORRID day at the Market today....I left around 9am & headed home....rain rain rain.... ** sigh ** Oh well....There's always NEXT Sunday....!!

    Cheers for now & have a relaxing week....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Hi Sam...beautifully written about your nan...
    reminded me of my nanna who died aged 86 some 22 years ago..

    She was the same..full of life & doted on MOIS!!~~

    I always used to go around & see her every few days at home..& I especially remember she just used to love watching "Perfect Match"..(remember that show in the 70's?? love your boxes..yep just like the photo in the mag the other day that you loved so much!!

    ps...Hows the burlap there & everywhere!! how funny is shelley..

    speak andrea

  3. Sorry about your Nan. You have some lovely boxes. ~judy~

  4. Hi Sam, I have many fond memories of my Nana too, I used to look forward to school holidays as I used to go and stay with her.
    The boxes are delightful, you have some super pretty ones there!!
    have a fab weekend!!

  5. Sorry to hear about your nan, what a lovely legacy she left you in your love of beautiful things.Those boxes are so nice and a lovely way to store your treasures, love the colour of the Florentine one too. Chris


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