Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Market and Garage Sale Finds!!

Howdy girls!!  After a pretty icky week I was determined to get out and about this weekend and do lots of garage sales on Saturday and hit the market early today.  And I did!!!  Sadly there wasn't the massive treasure trove I had hoped there would be but I did manage to find some sweet pieces.  Below part of my haul...I really love the part dinner set, its backstamped Czechoslovakia and I think its just very elegant and really quite French in style.  Check out the photos of the rest of my haul. I did get some really nice new in their packets linen which I haven't photographed yet.  Some of the linen will be put aside for the spare room so I will show you that later.   As I said not a huge haul but enough to be pleased that I got up early!!  Hope you are all having a great treasure hunting weekend and please let me know your latest and greatest finds!!  

Love the part dinner set...especially the tureen and the gravy boat!!
Mmm so white and gold!!
Lovely old religious tin backed prints....mmm roses!!
Ooh Cath Kidston Make up bags and gorgeous vintage valentine cards
Love the beautiful embroidered doiley and the old roses print.  Duvet set is really pretty too
 Oooh I bought a great double bed on ebay for the spare room.   Its not the antique bed I really wanted but its scrolly and will do once I have put my stamp on it. Hubby and I picked it up yesterday....only $50!!!   Will pick up a mattress and take some photos soon.  Project spare room is coming on ....more photos soon. 

It might be next weekend by the time I blog again.  So sadly my Nan passed away on was a merciful release but even though I knew it was coming it was still a shock!!!  I have had a sad few days hence the reason why I had to get out and treasure hunt as that always helps lift my spirits. I will be traveling to Sydney for the funeral next week so please understand if I disappear for a few days.  

  Hugs  Sam


  1. Ooo I long to find any thing Cath 2nd hand!!

  2. Hey gorgeous...sorry we wont catch up on wednesday but hopefully agai soon...

    sorry about your gran...xxxx

    HEY I LOVE ALL your goodies you found today...
    I wish you would take me out one early saturday morning treasure hunting!! (if I could get up that is??)..

    xx andrea ps...sooo looking forward to the quilt..wont tell you what I am going to do with it...

  3. Oh Sam I'm SORRY to hear about your Gran Lovey....I'm glad she's finally at peace though....!

    We'll miss you on Wednesday & look forward to catching up with you soon....!!

    Take care Lovey,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. Sad to hear about your Nan, xx Katherine

  5. HI Sam, So Sorry to hear about your Nan's Passing. Yove been busy I just caught up on all your blog post's and I must say WOW everything is Gorgeous!!!
    Have a great weekend

  6. Hi there! i am so glad i found your blog... i also live in Melbourne and i was wondering where you think are the best markets in Vic Melbourne to go find antique treasures at?
    thanks for all your gorgeous inspiration on your blog xx


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