Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spring has Sprung & The Markets Liven Up!!!

Well spring is definitely here in Melbourne, not only are the birds and bees buzzin but so is the market..YAY.  I set out early this morning and had a fantastic time treasure hunting and socialising with my other treasure hunting mates.  It was a bit of a bonanza morning for me with some darling finds!!  I get so excited when I find a treasure and its nice when you meet up with like minded girls we enjoy oohing and ahhing over each others treasures.  I have been after a crystal light dome for sooo long and they always sail past my budget on ebay so I was doing a happy dance when I picked up one today for only $20!!!  Its certainly a keeper!!  I also found a darling little wicker cupboard perfect for the spareroom project!!  See the tall lamp..its quite French in style and I think I nearly snapped the ladies arm off when she told me I could have it for same measley $20 price tag YEEEHAAAA!!  The fabbo red and crome clock is a French Japy one...and hmm what else ohhh the divine pair of old photo frames...I have already popped two of my favourite postcard in them...mmmmm...anyways  scroll down and have a look at my haul!!  Don't you just adore warm spring market days!!!
Some of this weeks haul..LOOOVE the cupboard!!!

See my lovely dome and gorgeous frames!!
Fabbo French Vintage Japy Alarm clock...came in its original box too..happy dance!!!

All in all it was a fantastic morning!!  Now I have not forgotten the spare room project and have a few ICKY before photos to post this week!!  Its a mess right now..but at least its been painted in Antique White USA...have to get hubby to remove the hideous grey melamine desk attached to one wall though....ooohhhh honeeeeyy ....damn it Bathurst is on today.....he is glued to the tv....maybe tomorrow night hehehe.



  1. Lucky duck! I am drooling over that clock!!

  2. That's a really nice haul you have there!I love the little cupboard looks like it's a Lloyd loom? and the lamps and are gorgeous.It's good for treasure hunting when the warmer weather arrives.

  3. Nice finds my friend, cant wait to see the spare room makeover!

  4. Oh, wonderful finds! I really love the red clock!!


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