Sunday, October 17, 2010

Catalyst For an Unplanned Makeover!!!

The plan this weekend was to remove the icky desk from the spare room and work on clearing it out etc.  But its funny how life works.  Saturday morning with coffee in hand I wondered into my study to check my emails and found our eldest cat mid PEE on the icky carpet that I hate anyway. After much screaching by me and humiliated skulking away by said cat I had had ENOUGH....I pulled up the carpet in the corner of the room and peaked underneath...OH YEAH BABY....floor boards!!  Right!!  well I would rather have unpolished floor boards than cat pee carpet so.  Another few screaches, this time of joy and my MM came down from the spare room to find me carrying boxes of crap out of the study and muttering BLOODY CAT.  One whiff of cat pee and the look on my face (its his cat) and he kindly suggested he help me....hehehe.  Somewhere in the midst of clearing the room...MM suggested that if we were taking everything out it might be a good time to paint (he had the paint out to patch where the desk was in the spare room)...Silly Silly man.....  Long story weekend and a few arguments later and voila....a totally pee free and LOVELY room.  We will get the floorboards polished eventually but for now...I would rather clean unpolished paint splattered boards than cat pee apricot ICKY carpet. It also forced me to clear clutter and organise myself better. Still got some pictures to put up and curtains to make but hey...the whole thing only cost me $50 for new rollers and brushes...we had enough paint left over from previous rooms and now I have a pile of stuff to ebay that will well and truly cover the cost.  Down side is now MM knows just how much STUFF I have collected heheh.  Below is the transformation....what do you think??

OOps finally thought to take a pic....icky carpet,  and apricot walls YUK
Ugly pine panel wall ...oh I am itching to paint
Walls painted carpet gone.....mmm good bones
Oh so not perfect yet but better than cat pee carpet
It looks so much bigger and brighter!!
Cleared out clutter and now just ebay stuff and my faves!!


  1. Hi Sam, the floorboards are gorgeous, I would leave then as is, great find. It must have been fate! What lovely space, thanks for popping by and the lovely comments, Tamara x

  2. Yayyyyyyy Sam....!!

    I LOVE what you've done with your study....So light, airy & cat pee free....hahahahahaha....We've been SO LUCKY with our fur babes as we've never had to deal with this from EITHER of them....!! It has to be one of the HARDEST smells to try & get rid of....!!

    Now off you go & get stuck into that spare room....hahahahahaha....!

    Ooh I've just had a great thought....After Alicia's lunch, I'll pop down the hill to your place for dinner so I can check out what you've done....SCHAWING....hahahahaha....!!

    Have a GREAT week Lovey....!

    Tamarah :o)

  3. Now where can you put smelly cat next to get another room done?? Looks absolutely fantastic Sam, what a difference painting over that panelling has done! Perfect!!

  4. Look great!! Thanks to the cat peeing cat!!


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