Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Vintage Crafty Corner

When I was small my mum had a sewing cupboard...the front opened from the top and dropped down to reveal not only her sewing machine but all her trims and cottons and me as a small girl it was magical!!  For years I was on the hunt for a cupboard like hers and finally I found one.   So I set about filling it with all my crafting items all stored in my pretty vintage containers.  I love vintage fabric covered boxes and lovely old tins.  After a few hours of sorting and playing around this is the end result!!  To me it brings back all the memories of mum sewing away and me making dolls clothes (however wonky and shonky as I never was and never will be a sewer).  Now every time I open the cupboard I remember that feeling of magic!! Take a peek and let me know what you think!!

Now with a place for everything and everything in its place I SHOULD be able to not only keep it tidy but also find time to do some crafts now that every thing is to hand.   The time I spend creating is definitely my ME time.  What do you love to do in your ME time?


  1. Hello Sam....!!

    What a LOVELY memory for you to have of your dear Mum....!! Your desk looks DELICIOUS & you KNOW I've always LOVED your tins....I remember YEARS ago you bought a fabric covered box off me....Is that the same blue one on your shelf there....?? You know I ALWAYS regretted selling that box....hahahahaha....Though I know it went to a GOOD home....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Thanks Tamarah, no the green one wasnt your one. I still LOVE the one I bought from you and it is too nice to put in a cupboard!! I have it filled with all the vintage crystals in my other work area. Can send a picture of it if you miss it that much hehe. Stocking up for SJVX Mr Shoestring is off to pick up a really sweet little two seater sofa for me tomorrow. Its going to be hard not to keep this little sweetie for myself. Can't wait to see everyones goodies on their stalls....woo hooo set up in a weeks time!!!

  3. Hi Sam,

    love the fabric boxes and tins on your shelves, so nice.

    In my ME time, I like to:
    * curl up with my favourite magazines (BBC Antiques and Homes, Country Living US and UK, Romantic Homes etc);
    * watch my fav TV shows (IT crowd, American Pickers, Real Housewives etc);
    * do a bit of Blog surfing or
    * catch a spot of treasure hunting..the kids are now at the age where they prefer to hang at home :)

    cheers Tamara

  4. Hello from Ireland.Love the craft cupboard. What a good idea.What supports the table when it is down? Pop over to my blog and you can explain it to me.Going to spend the month of October with our daughter in Brisbane. Can't wait to go treasure hunting. Bought some great bits at yard sales last year.I'm so excited. Hoping to meet some bloggers while I'm over. Love your site.

  5. I need one just like it! Great idea. Looks gorgeous. So neat and tidy too. Thanks for posting the pictures.

  6. Hello Samantha, I adore your vintage craft corner. I've been doing something similar, converting a former tiny bedroom to a craft room. I bought an old kitchen dresser which I will paint, and I have some sweet old tins belonging to both my late Grandma's (still with their cottons and fancy work inside), to put on the shelves. I will complete the room makeover after our Christmas visitors leave.
    I really love your blog, having stumbled upon it last week. I thought your name was familiar, then I remembered .. I bought a lovely pansy teapot from you via eBay about 3 yrs ago, which a friend in Melb collected from you! Do you remember?
    Best wishes,


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