Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh Bliss!! A sneak preview of some SVJX pieces

Oh I am sooo excited!!  My pieces for the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza are coming together and I am starting to feel confident I will be able to fill my stall with pieces that I am happy to present.  Here are just two sneak previews. One very pretty pink vintage bedroom chair and a DIVINE little Queen Anne wingback sofa in the prettiest hardwearing ROSES tapestry!!  I have lots of gorgeous smalls but was worried I wouldn't have enough large pieces.  The settee and the chair are just two..I will also have the MOST divine old scrolly table and chairs...along with a GORGEOUS old scrolly rocker and lots and lots of other pieces.  Oh I can feel my excitement building.  Not long to go now...remember girls 12th and 13th of August at the Ashburton Scout Hall.   Be there!!!


  1. Hi Sam, love the bedroom chair. I am sure your store will be fab-u-lous as you always have the pretty things for sale :) Thanks for the insight into your collections too. I did buy the best chippy plaster crinoline bookends from you a few years back, those I would never part with, best of luck with the prep, Tamara x

  2. Hi there dear friend, this rocks! Its going to be a great few days!!!
    alicia :0)

  3. Hi Sam,
    Heard about your blog from Tamarah at SVJ. Beautiful treasures!

    Welcome to the blogosphere and best of luck at the upcoming extravaganza!

    Second Hand Chicks

  4. Hi Sam...these goodies look awesome...I am starting to worry about my stuff!!~~

    see you next week..

    xx andrea

  5. Hi Samantha,
    Your goodie sneak peek looks great, your stuff is going to fly out the door!
    Good luck with the SVJX!!

  6. Hi Sam

    Please come join in the fun~!



  7. Wow i'll definitely have to vist, -its the 13th & 14th right (not the 12th & 13th????)
    i just love everything your selling! :-) Can't wait!


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